The ACBC blog is finally here… let's talk about eco-sustainability and obviously about interchangeable zip shoes

eco-sustainability and interchangeable zip shoes

There is news on the web: the ACBC blog is finally here!

Come with us to discover everything about the eco-sustainability world and how it applies to all our products. Our goal is to improve the environmental conditions of our planet by bringing the innovation of sustainable technologies to the fashion sector.

Here you will not only find comfortable, trendy, and extremely versatile shoes. But clothing suitable for all situations that respect the world thanks to ecological materials.

ACBC is a start-up started by two young Italians with the dream of implementing a “green” revolution starting from the footwear sector. The blog was born from the desire to enhance the brand to promote products in line with the needs of the environment.

Our casual and elegant sports shoes not only make it possible for you to change style in a few seconds but they do so while reducing the impact on the ecosystem. Ours is an ambitious and green project because we want to satisfy your desires but also the needs of the planet.

Are you ready to change the world?

Why eco-sustainability

Eco-sustainability is not just a choice, but it is becoming a real mandatory direction if we want to have a world that is still willing to welcome us. At ACBC we have always been on the side of the planet to ensure respect for the world we live in without having to deprive ourselves of the advantages that facilitate our daily activities.

Focusing on sustainability is a real life-choice that goes through every action we perform. That's why we wanted to do it through our profession.

Being sustainable today means guaranteeing a process of change to reduce the exploitation of resources. Having an orientation aimed at innovation and technological development to improve both the present and the future.

It is a movement that is taking place worldwide. The European Union itself pushes companies to integrate sustainability as a business objective. Although there are still many realities left behind from this point of view, we at ACBC wanted to get involved to be at the forefront together with all the people who love our planet just like us.

According to research by Nomisma, which the Italian newspaper Repubblica also mentioned, the Italians ready to buy green products are already 94%. There is real attention to product packaging and wrapping, but there is still a long way to go in order to eliminate plastic.

With our blog and our products, we want to help in this regard. Promote awareness and sustainable behaviors that also involve paying attention to what you choose to wear.

We are part of those activities that show the first signs of the active role that attention to the environment has today in the Italian production system. Protecting the planet is everyone's responsibility, both ours as producers and yours as a consumer.

But what makes our products eco-sustainable?

Why are ACBC shoes eco-sustainable?

sustainable shoes ACBC

Talking about eco-sustainability is not enough to make a difference, words must be supported by facts.

Our idea of eco-sustainability passes through three main concepts:

  • materials;
  • technology of production processes;
  • circularity.

These three variables are closely related to each other. Technological innovation makes it possible to create ecological and recyclable materials.

Still not quite clear about the concept?

Don't worry, now let's see it together in detail.

You may not know it but the part of the shoe that has the greatest impact on the environment is the sole. Our shoe concept provides a single sole to which you can replace the removable upper parts of the shoe to create multiple pairs of different shoes.

The materials we use for our products are all eco-friendly. We range from seaweed to eucalyptus, from corn to cork, from grapes to pineapple. Each of these elements has specific characteristics and properties that make it possible to guarantee flexibility, lightness, impermeability, durability, and breathability. But that's not all they are biodegradable, recyclable, and organic materials.

Our mission to respect the environment does not stop there. ACBC also takes care of collecting used shoes, in the containers available in the shops, to give them to those who can give them new life. For example with the construction of shockproof floors in playgrounds for children.

The concept we want to share with you throughout our blog is that of change.

The world we live in has changed year after year and it is a right, as well as a duty, to change our habits to adapt them to new needs.

This is demonstrated in every action, even the simple one of choosing and wearing a pair of shoes.

How interchangeable zip shoes work

interchangable zip shoes

The process is quick and simple.

Ours are modular shoes, suitable for both men and women who leave the house in the morning and stay out all day. Imagine you have to go to the office, maybe you also have to meet a client or you have an important meeting. In the evening you run to the gym and immediately after you have to run to dinner with your friends or with a partner, whether business or sentimental.

ACBC shoes are suitable for all situations and you can change them on the fly to adapt your style to your needs. They are composed of two parts: sole and skin. The key to the mechanism is a simple zip that allows you to detach and attach the two elements, which are born divided, forming a single sneaker.

The position and type of closure allow for easy interchangeability of the uppers, as well as guaranteeing robustness to the shoe and water resistance.

You will no longer have to think about the right shoes for all the commitments of your days. Just carry the practical and light spare parts with you to be able to wear the models you want. In fact, on the same sole, you can attach and alternate 100 different skins. In this way you will only need a sole and a few uppers to have many shoes available in a single pair, also ensuring a reduced environmental impact.


ACBC's modular shoe originates from two main concepts:

  1. the ability to adapt to the needs of today's men and women;
  2. eco-sustainability to actively improve the conditions of our planet.

These are exactly the advantages that shoes guarantee, without losing sight of fashion trends, comfort, and adaptability to different life situations.

Often you decide to throw your shoes away before the sole is completely worn out. This is because you no longer like the color or because the pattern or the top has been damaged.

With our shoes, you just need to replace the skin, and in an instant, you will have a new, trendy pair of shoes, in a different color and model. This is the trick to make the most of the soles before eliminating them, and at the same time play with your style and always look trendy. All while taking into account the needs of the environment.

Do you want to be part of this revolutionary and green movement too?

Discover the products on sale in the store immediately and stay informed about our news by following this blog and our page on Instagram.

Everything can be changed!

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