How to create customized shoes

How to create customized shoes

Today you can find many shoes on the web, but there persists the same problem that you had when shopping in traditional stores.

It is very difficult to find the right shoes that reflect your personality.

Brands produce the same models in multiple colors to try to satisfy most tastes, but the design of your dreams doesn't always exist.

Maybe you find a model with a design you like but a sole of dubious taste or the sole is suitable for the use you should make of it but the upper does not suit your style.

A shoe is not simply an accessory. It is an element that tells something about you, about your nature. For this, it must be perfectly matched to your clothing style as well as to your character.

If most brands force you to buy shoes that don't fully convince you, with ACBC you won't have to worry about this problem anymore. Find out now how to create custom shoes that enhance your way of being.

4 reasons why custom shoes are the best choice

Fast fashion in recent years has led consumers to buy mass-produced products that make them the same and anonymous. That's why people are increasingly appreciating items that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

We at ACBC produce shoes in sustainable materials that already tell something about the personality of those who buy them, lovers of the environment and sustainability. However, we do not give up on a high-quality product built in the country that has always been excellent in the field of fashion.

But this is not all, because we also give you the possibility to compose your shoes, to be able to express yourself to the maximum level.

Before we get down to business, let's see why you should buy a custom shoe over a stock one.

1. The Look

How many times did you happen to see a pair of shoes and think:

"If only they had another fantasy I would buy them?"

Many, too many.

Many variables affect the design such as the shape, the color, the finishes, the laces (if they have them) and as much as the brands try to create variations, often the one you would buy is still missing. And that leaves you empty-handed.

We want to solve this problem. We know how important it is to be able to express yourself to the fullest in today's world.

ACBC creates customized shoes that allow you to choose a single sole with different uppers, namely the upper part, to be changed according to your outfits. Or, on the contrary, if you particularly love an upper you can buy different soles to adapt your favorite shoe to every need.

Thanks to customizable shoes you will no longer have to give up on a purchase.

Indeed, with a single sole or a single upper, you can create three, five or even ten different shoes to have a style that is always in tune with your mood.

2. The Shape

The feet of humans are all different.

We indeed rely on sizes to get an idea of ​​which product to buy, but not all of us fit shoes in the same way. There are people with wider soles, longer toes, thinner ankles, and so on.

This means that the same shoe can give different sensations.

It may appear wider to one person and narrower to another, softer or more rigid, etc.

Thanks to ACBC's customized shoes you can buy the most comfortable sole for your foot and match the upper that aesthetically appeals to you the most. Again, you can choose a softer upper for sports, or a more elegant one for evenings with friends, and match the sole accordingly.

As you can see, the customized shoe is not only advantageous from an aesthetic point of view but allows you to find the right combination of the main elements that compose it to create a model in which your foot is at ease. 

3. The sustainability

For the moment the planet on which we place our feet is the only habitable one.

The linear economy model introduced by the Industrial Revolution is no longer sustainable because it requires the exploitation of raw materials in a quantity greater than the quantity Earth is capable of generating. Moreover, it involves the production of mountains of waste.

It is our duty to take care of the planet we live on to allow it to return to being an earthly paradise.

Choosing products created with green materials and methods does not mean adapting to lower quality. It means giving the right value to the health of the environment.

The method by which we produce our shoes drastically reduces CO2 emissions compared to the standards of the footwear industry, one of the most polluting of all. Besides, vegan shoes are created with sustainable or recycled materials.

We don't produce many models, as many brands do today. But thanks to the few pieces we create, we ensure you exactly the shoe you want.

4. The uniqueness

If we think about what fashion was like in the centuries before the Industrial Revolution, we immediately think of the artisan shops that gave life to personalized items. Fashion has always been based on personalization and the creation of unique pieces.

However, this process had significant shortcomings.

First of all the price, because producing a single piece by hand takes a lot of time and effort. Secondly, the timing, since a human will always work slower than a machine.

That was until the industries started to mass-produce.

With this new system, production was speeded up and costs were lowered. But that came at the expense of customization. The pieces produced by the machines are all very similar to each other and this satisfies the consumer up to a certain point.

If the products created by hand by artisans have endured for millennia, this tradition was probably particularly appreciated. Fortunately, today's technologies allow us to go back to the origins by producing customized shoes but with very fast timing.

Now that the reasons are clear, let's see how to create custom shoes in practice.

How to create ACBC custom shoes

ACBC custom shoes

We have already anticipated how in our shoes it is possible to customize the sole, that is the part of the shoe that touches the ground, and the skin or upper, the upper part that embraces the foot. However, we want to explain specifically what customizations you can get.

Creating a custom ACBC shoe is super easy. The first step is to choose the sole you like best from our online shop.

After choosing the sole, you can choose the skin to match it. On the site you will find dozens of different models that are constantly updated according to new products and seasonal changes.

A zipper connects the two chosen pieces.

You just have to attach the two parts, close the zipper as you would with a jacket, and button the back clip to hide the slider. We guarantee universal interchangeability between all skins and soles designed and sold by ACBC.

Besides, the zipper we created is tested to ensure a superior seal compared to normal zips to prevent it from breaking while walking. Just think that to test its durability we even subjected it to 100,000 flexes, simulating any possible movement of the foot, including running.

Finally, we want to reassure you that the zip does not cause any discomfort to the foot, thanks to the protections we have placed inside and which ensure complete comfort even for those who use barefoot shoes.

We would like to clarify that it is not possible to change the upper by requesting customization of the design. However, the continuous updating of our shop will allow you to find always different graphics.

That's right, custom shoes make a difference

The feet are an irreplaceable part of the body and are subjected to constant stress all day long. It is therefore very important to take care of it with custom-made shoes.

While the length of the feet is fairly standard, the size or the sole are not. This is why a customized shoe can make the difference during a normal day of work or pleasure, as well as during physical activity.

Furthermore, ACBC shoes also have a good environmental impact by being eco-friendly. It often happens that in a shoe the sole is the first part to be worn out. When the sole becomes unusable, thanks to ACBC custom shoes you can change this component instead of throwing the entire shoe in the bin.

And are you ready to make your choice?

Now you know how to create customized shoes that are also sustainable and guarantee the uniqueness of Made in Italy.

The skins we produce range in many styles such as elegant shoes, sneakers, racing skins, tennis skins, and much more. Even in the soles, we have provided a lot of variety for urban use, running or that follows the icons of the 90s.

Now all you have to do is visit our store in the Zipshoe section where you can find unisex items and create your dream shoe.

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