We present you our new shoes made with recycled materials

shoes made with recycled materials ACBC

Are you looking for shoes made with recycled materials?

Do you know that by carefully choosing a pair of shoes you can make a gesture of great impact on the environment?

Every time seasons change and we take off clothes and shoes that we no longer wear, we create nothing but mountains of waste. Throwing shoes in the dumpster, because they are too used or out of fashion, is an action that many people do.

This has a destructive effect on our planet.

But throwing away clothes and shoes every time they get damaged or to follow the latest trends is not necessary. With conscious choices, each of us can contribute to protecting the environment.

In fact, by choosing ACBC shoes made with recycled materials, you too participate in the change.

Our company uses materials such as recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, ecological leather obtained from plants, and rubber of vegetable origin, to reduce pollution.

But not only.

Our commitment to protecting the environment is to ensure that shoes do not end up in landfills.

We have chosen a circular economy system, thanks to which our products, once used, are not thrown away but re-enter in the production process. Each part can be disassembled and recycled, giving life to a new element.

In the circular economy, we start from the design so that the product is durable but can be easily disassembled.

Traditional footwear, on the other hand, is assembled with glues, fabrics, and seams that make disassembly very complicated. So it is impossible to recycle them.

And if until recently, choosing shoes made with sustainable materials or shoes made with recycled materials meant having to give up fashion, today this is no longer the case.

You can be green and follow trends at the same time.

Are you curious?

Let's find out how to have a perfect, comfortable and sustainable look!

Why choose shoes made with recycled materials?

Making an informed choice also means knowing the advantages that can derive from it. Wearing eco-sustainable shoes is good for the environment around you and gives your body well-being.

The materials used are of natural origin and improve the life of the wearer. Our body is sensitive to the materials it comes into contact with and reacts positively to natural products.

By wearing low-quality shoes, made from synthetic materials or chemicals, the feet suffer and, consequently, the rest of the body suffers as well. This type of footwear makes the foot sweat and can also cause the appearance of allergic reactions in the most delicate subjects.

Recycled shoes reduce chronic sweating, thanks to natural and breathable fabrics. So they help prevent the discomfort associated with fungi and bad odors, giving natural well-being to the feet and legs.

The skin from the processing of plants is not promoting allergies, as it is free of chemicals. The tanning of hides of animal origin, on the other hand, is carried out with the help of materials rich in chromium or potassium dichromate, aggressive and harmful agents for the epidermis of the feet.

The choice of making environmentally friendly shoes, with recycled materials, does not in any way alter the quality of the product. Eco shoes are the result of an artisanal process that requires the utmost care and a result of the highest quality.

Organic shoes are very resistant and able to withstand use and time.

What are the materials we use to produce our shoes

shoes made with recycled materials

ACBC's mission is to create a production aimed at protecting the environment and the well-being of the body, without neglecting the design and fashion trends.

The product that arrives on the market, therefore, is made with environmentally friendly materials, derived from vegetable fibers and not. No material of animal origin is used in the production process, in compliance with our code of ethics.

Thanks to innovative processes, we have chosen to use recycled and plant-based materials created with the help of sustainable technologies.

As an alternative to leathers of animal origin, we make the uppers of our shoes with leathers obtained from the processing of food waste from apples, corn, wine grapes, and pineapples.

To produce extremely resistant footwear, we have chosen to use bio-based hemp fabric, obtained from the stems of cannabis Sativa. The hemp leaves are long and very robust and the fabric obtained from them has the characteristic of being resistant and long-lasting. Besides, thanks to the hemp fabric it is possible to reduce water consumption by 50% compared to cotton.

Cotton is also among the fabrics we use, but we have moved towards an ethical choice. For the purchase of this fiber, we turn to the non-profit organization BCI which produces cotton in compliance with the conditions of those who participate in the production process and in factories that are attentive to the environment.

Our research on natural fibers has also led us to introduce Tencel / lyocell, a recently discovered ecological fabric, into the production. It is an artificial cellulose fiber from eucalyptus trees, of which is used the pulp. Unlike other materials, it requires 95% less water and halves greenhouse gas emissions.

As for the soles, we don't use new polyester, only recycled polyester. This choice makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 75%.

Our shoes created with sustainable materials

shoes made with recycled materials

Colorful, fashionable, comfortable, and made with recyclable materials, ACBC shoes have all the features to reverse the way of choosing shoes.

Are you curious to see shoes made with recycled materials?

Discover the models we have in the catalog:

  • Evergreen: shoes made with 50% residues from wine production, such as grape skins, seeds, and stems, with Apple Skin and Bio Skin derived from corn.
    Evergreens are available for both men and women. The model has different color variations which are white, burgundy black, light blue, and apple green.
    The Evergreen model also exists in 100% hemp leather, in white color, and natural linen leather and BCI cotton, in beige and black. These two versions are suitable for the milder seasons.
    Evergreen is also available in gray, made with 100% fiber extracted from pineapple leaves.
    The sole is made of recycled rubber.
  • Bio Milan: the Bio Milan model is available in three color variants, alternating between white and black. The upper is made of ecological leather, made up of 30% recycled corn. The sole is made from recycled foam and the insole is made from recycled plastic.
    The black version is available only for men, while the white and the two-tone black and white are also for women.
  • Green Trek: an eclectic and fun shoe, available in trendy colors and suitable for different types of clothing. It is an environmentally friendly shoe. To produce it eight recycled bottles are needed which help reduce CO2 emissions by 75%.
    You can order Green Trek shoes from 40 to 46. Available colors are white, olive green, two-tone blue, and white, white, electric blue. Some have a suede effect. The sole is notched and also allows you to go out and more challenging walks. The strings are matched to the color of the upper.
  • R-Golf: thanks to sustainable technology, 4 recycled plastic bottles are required to make each R-golf shoe, with a CO2 saving of 75%. This model was designed in collaboration with the Pantofola d’Oro 1885 brand. This company is synonymous with Made in Italy and is famous for the production of football shoes, clothing, and footwear for leisure time.
    The shoes made from recycled plastic, with a round toe, are stitched on the sides and are available in different colors. The base is always white, but you can choose the color on the heel, between yellow, green, red, and electric blue.
  • B-Golf: sneakers suitable for a casual and everyday look, made in collaboration with the Pantofola d’Oro 1886 brand. The eco-leather of the upper is made with residues from the processing of corn. The sole and insole are made of recycled foam and recycled rubber.
    They have matching strings, a round toe, and are branded. The B-Golf model has a masculine design and is available up to number 46.
    You can opt for one of the fashion colors in which it is available: mocha, blue, black, olive green.
  • Timeless: this model is also the fruit of the collaboration with Pantofola D’oro 1886. These are "timeless" sneakers that recall the timeless design of 90s shoes. The tip is round and the strings are white.
    The leather of the upper is white. It has stars printed on the outside. You can choose the color of the label and the stars between red, yellow, green, and blue.
    They match perfectly with jeans or casual wear. They make you want beautiful days, outdoor walks, and spring.
  • Pro sneakers: vegan leather, Italian design, and sustainable technology are the characteristics of these shoes that came out of the collaboration with the famous Moschino brand.
    These are the famous zip shoes, modular shoes that allow you to alternate soles and uppers in a creative and fun way. Thanks to this technology it is possible to have more shoes with only one sole. Just change the upper every time you want to change your look.
    On the top, there are writings and hearts, as well as the Love Moschino logo.
    The soles are available in black and white, while you can indulge yourself with the imaginative uppers and trendy colors: white or black with prints, with gold or silver glitter, white, pink, and silver without writing. If you want you can do a mix, mounting the upper on a sole of a different color.
  • Espadrilles: famous several years ago, espadrilles are making a strong comeback. This model too is the result of the collaboration with Moschino, which is made with recycled materials, with a saving of 8 kilograms of CO2.
    The skin is vegan and the technology is sustainable.
    The espadrilles also have ACBC's patented zip shoe technology, so they are interchangeable shoes. The various uppers available (pink, gold, silver) can be mounted on the white or black sole.
  • Ecowear: youthful sneakers, designed for those who love to dress with flair and let themselves go-to colors. Each shoe in this line is made with the equivalent of 10 recycled plastic bottles. They are solid color, with suede-like inserts. The back label with the logo is white, while the shoe is available in gray, black, blue, green, white, and pink. The sole is smooth and slightly raised.
    They are suitable for both men and women. It is a shoe to be worn at all hours of the day, which guarantees comfort but also the right amount of elegance.
  • Recycle One: available in total white or two-tone versions with gray and green, gray and blue, green and pink. This shoe is made with recycled materials. Depending on the colors, there is both the male version and the female version. The sole is in rubber while the base is in recycled foam. They are shoes that match perfectly with a playful and playful look. On the heel there is a label with the ACBC logo. The strings are combined with the label, which changes in the different color variations.
  • Easy Green: Shoes made from plastic bottles are available in white. The front label and logo are offered in different colors (red, green, blue, black, pink). They have a round toe and laces. They are extremely comfortable and the natural materials with which they are made make them breathable and suitable for every season.

Now you know our shoes better and you know that shoes made with recycled materials are a big step forward in protecting the environment. If you want to change your look and always be fashionable, visit our online shop. You will find that every step in ACBC's eco-friendly shoes is a step towards safeguarding the planet.

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