ACBC launches BeyondPlastic™ 100% bio-based plastic solutions.

ACBC launches BeyondPlastic™ 100% bio-based plastic solutions.
The green, recyclable and biodegradable heel is born. The new 'BeyondPlastic technology bears the signature of the eco-friendly footwear specialist ACBC and is set to change the production of heels for shoes, abandoning the use of traditional fossil materials such as plastic.
“For more than four years, ACBC has been on the market as a sustainable leader in the world of fashion; the various collaborations undertaken with big names in fashion such as Missoni have shown us a widespread desire for change, but they also helped us to understand the importance of supporting companies on a path towards controlled, certified and aware production ", declares Gio Giacobbe , CEO of ACBC.

The new heel developed exclusively with Del Brenta, a heel manufacturer specializing in heels, wedges and plateaus for footwear, has obtained the production and technology validation that has allowed ACBC to obtain the patent for this important novelty.
"Our proposal with zero fossil sources translates into three different types of technologies: Flora, Ricinus and Ricinus Oyster, which we arrived at following research and development that made them strictly bio-based, preserving important characteristics of composition and sustainability. The next collaborations will see the use of these new alternatives to plastic, to try and get closer to entirely green and sustainable footwear ", says Edoardo Iannuzzi, Chief Sustainability Officer of ACBC.

The B Corp certified start-up recently won the 'Circular economy supply chain innovation 2021' tender launched by Unioncamere Lombardia. The funds, made available by the Dg Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion, will help facilitate the company's transition towards a model increasingly linked to the theme of the circular economy.

“We are really satisfied with the victory of this announcement. For us, innovation, sustainability and the circular economy are not just goals to strive for as a company, but also values ​​we want to approach in order to improve our social and human capital ”, adds CEO Giacobbe. "Our company has now consolidated a business model that allows us to create products for an increasingly attentive consumer and to propose a new way of thinking about the Fashion and Sportswear brands with which we collaborate, for an increasingly conscientious production".

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