Interchangeable zip shoes that change shape… the ACBC concept

Interchangeable zip shoes that change shape… the ACBC concept

With a single move, they have revolutionized the concept of fashion and eco-sustainability, transforming themselves into a trendy accessory among the most desired: we are talking about ACBC's interchangeable zip shoes.

How do interchangeable zip shoes work? Why have they revolutionized the world of footwear?

If you've heard of them but you don't know what zip shoes are, you're in the right place. ACBC is one of the most famous brands in the world regarding this type of footwear and, in this article, we will explain the concept of modular technology and why it is no longer possible to go on without it.

The ACBC sneakers have a unique feature: they consist of two separate parts, upper and sole, which are joined with a zip. Their particularity, therefore, is that they are real modular shoes.

To have a shoe that is always fashionable and unique, just buy a single sole which can be combined with a series of different uppers. This allows you to change your look in an instant: just mount a new skin on the sole and that's it.

The founders of ACBC are two Italians, Gio Giacobbe, and Edoardo Iannuzzi, who conceived the brand starting from the concept of green technology. Their desire was to apply technology to fashion, reducing the environmental impact of their products.

Thus was born a shoe made with innovative and recycled materials in line with the dictates of fashion. The ACBC project was even able to attract the attention of great internationally renowned designers, such as Moschino and Armani, with whom some exclusive shoe models were created.

Let's find out the other features of the ACBC interchangeable zip shoes.

What are interchangeable shoes?

interchangeable zip shoes

The idea of ​​ACBC is very simple: the shoes with interchangeable zips consist of two distinct elements, the sole and the upper, which are joined by a zip. The latter allows you to attach and detach the two parts and create a unique sneaker.

The brand has created over 100 types of different uppers, with an original and modern design. Each of them must be combined with one of the available soles, giving the possibility to choose between almost a thousand different combinations.

This way, you can go through the day in the same pair of shoes without going home. The system, based on the zip, allows you to wear the same shoes both to go to the office and for a night out, simply by changing the upper.

Furthermore, ACBC footwear has a low environmental impact, as it is made with bio-based and/or recycled material.

At first sight, interchangeable shoes look like normal footwear but, in reality, they are a very different product from those you can commonly find on the market.

First of all, unlike normal shoes that wear out or are only suitable for special occasions, zip shoes always remain fashionable and trendy. Once the upper is worn out, it is not necessary to throw away the whole shoe. To give it a new life and wear a different model, simply choose one of the many ACBC proposals.

Furthermore, ACBC shoes never go out of style and are not likely to bore you. The company always produces new and trendy uppers to allow its customers to play with colors, keep up with the seasons, and have the right look for every occasion.

Usually, shoe brands use polluting materials and a production process with a high environmental impact. These shoes, on the other hand, are made focusing on protect the planet.

ACBC’s Project

acbc interchangeable zip shoes

Conceived in 2016 and launched the following year, the ACBC company has brought a wave of green to the fashion and sportswear sector. With the idea that everything changes, "anything can be changed" is the company's motto. The two founders have created a project based on recycling and using materials with low environmental impact.

Everyone puts on a pair of shoes before leaving home, to go to the office, to the gym, or to go for a walk. Gio Giacobbe and Edoardo Iannuzzi, the two creators of the brand, thought about this gesture to make it more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

The part of the shoes that has the greatest impact on the environment is the sole.

So what did they do?

Thanks to Interchangeable Shoe technology they have reduced pollution by using a sole to create almost a thousand pairs of shoes.

Furthermore, ACBC chooses to use environmentally friendly and innovative materials to live everyday life while respecting the environment in which we live.

ACBC's mission doesn't stop at the production stage. Attention to the environment continues even after the use of shoes which, once used, are recycled.


The brand has placed containers for the collection of used shoes in stores. Once deposited, the old shoes are transformed and have a new life (one of the uses is in children's playgrounds, where they are transformed into shockproof flooring).

ACBC's project was promoted in 2017, with a simple video on Kickstarter. The idea was so successful that it reached a million pre-orders for interchangeable zip shoes in no time.

Many fashion brands have embraced the project of this company, giving life to new and trendy lines.

Some examples of interchangeable shoes

Let's see some models of interchangeable shoes with zips.

  • Mystica: with an aggressive and decisive design, the Mystica model was created in collaboration with Emporio Armani. Respecting the environment and in line with the ACBC project, the upper is made of eco-leather, while the sole is made of ultra-light EVA. This material is extremely comfortable and does not weigh down the legs. It is very suitable for those who want to have a feeling of lightness throughout the day, without giving up on fashion trends. The logo is engraved on the back of the rubber sole. Both the sole and the upper are available in black and white, from number 36 to 46.
  • ACBC sneaker for LoveMoschino: for this shoe made for LoveMoschino, ACBC has created three types of uppers: silver, white, and gold. In each of them, the brand played with colors, glitter, and designs. The Moschino logo appears on the upper while the company name is on the sole. The Silver model has a white base and is glittered on the tip. It has a black insert with the words LOVE MOSCHINO. It is a model suitable for any occasion and is perfect for both those who love to dress casually and elegantly. The White Sneakers are in white eco-leather, with black and red inserts. They are ideal for the day and suitable for a young and witty look. The Gold Sneaker has a black background and white lettering. On the sides, there are hearts and the word Love Moschino. They are all available from number 36 to 41.
  • ACBC Espadrille for LoveMoschino: this model recalls the classic Spanish espadrilles, and it has a low sole made of rubber. The uppers are in various colors, and the choice is between gold, pink, silver, and white. The sole was made in both the white and black versions.


With ACBC footwear it is possible to create new models and indulge the imagination every day.

In a second you can change your skin and wear the perfect shoe for sports or any other occasion.

ACBC created the modular shoe, made up of two separate elements: the upper and the sole that can be combined in 1000 different ways (literally!). To join the two parts, just choose between the various modules and pull up the zip. A

CBC shoes are made with low environmental impact materials, with a careful process to reduce energy consumption, and with a look to the future. In ABCB stores, you can return your old shoes to recycle the materials and use them for other uses.

Shoes with interchangeable zips are a real revolution for the environment. They also allow you to always be fashionable, with just one simple gesture.

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Change your way of experiencing fashion: everything can be changed!

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